conference logo design for a psychoanalytic event in belgrade

Conference EFPP

Brand IdentityWebsite Design


Event: International Conference for Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy


  • Logo
  • Certificate
  • ID badges
  • Flyer & Poster
  • Conference Book
  • Conference Merchandise
  • Signage
  • Wayfinding
  • Website Design
  • UI/UX


  • creative direction & design – Sofija Marjanović
  • web development – Stefan Trbojević
  • event photography – Boško Bunuševac
logo design for a group analytic conference in belgrade

logo design

the inspiration for the logo design was the theme of the conference “The Challenge of Social Traumata: Inner Worlds of Outer Realities”. the icon symbolises an individual pondering the world and the world affecting the individual.

efpp conference in bekgrade branding - conference attendee merch

conference material each attendee was given

efpp conference brand design - photo of a few attendees looking at the signage wearing the conference materials

ID badges

we used brand colours to make it easier for attendees to notice the people that were there to assist them.

efpp conference big signage wall with event programme, floor maps etc

we designed a 5 meter wide banner onsite with the conference programme, floor maps and other useful information for the attendees.

efpp conference brand design - photo of a big signage wall on the venue with event programme, floor maps etc

the conference programme mandated the use of more than 20 different halls and rooms at the same time, on three different floors, so we needed to design various wayfinding banners and signs onsite. Also, easy-to-understand floor maps were designed for the conference book and onsite to help participants navigate through the event venue.

efpp conference branding - conference attendee material, tote bag with notebook, conference book, certificate of attendance, ID badge and pencil, all branded

conference book and other conference material

efpp conference cover book design - photo of a woman holding the book

conference book design inside pages og a conference timetable

book design

the most challenging part of the book design was the design of the event’s programme. the event occupied more than 20 different rooms/halls at the same time, and on three different floors. the same programme design was modified and used for the onsite banner.

efpp conference in belgrade t-shirt design, black with yellow logo and white with black logo design

t-shirt design

website design for a conference in belgrade - website demonstration on a mac

conference website

main website goals were to:

  • make it easy for interested people to register for the event and/or to submit an abstract.
  • make the most important information about the event very clear and easy to find.
  • enable attendees to plan their trip and stay by providing all the necessary information on the website.
  • convey the feeling of the event’s theme.
  • attract new, younger attendees in order to expand the community of the main organiser.
website design for a conference in belgrade - four website sections of a one page website

some of the website sections

conference website design - demonstration of an online registration form

online registration form

one of the most interesting parts of the website design was the task to streamline and design the online registration form for two different types of registration.

efpp conference - photo of a branded stand and poster behind one of the main event speakers

efpp conference design - icon of the logo design on transparent background