bambinosi kindergarten brand identity design - logo design and brand pattern surrounding the logo


Brand IdentityWebsite Design


Bambinosi – Exclusive Kindergarten


  • Logo
  • Stationery
  • Flyer & Poster
  • Brand Character
  • Iconography
  • Illustrations
  • Signage
  • Wayfinding
  • Vehicle Wrap
  • Website Design
  • UI/UX


  • creative direction & design – Sofija Marjanović
  • web development – Stefan Trbojević, Predrag Stefanović
bambinosi logo design sketches on paper

pencil sketches

logo design exploration. the parrot was chosen for the brand character because the kindergarten amenities included a large outdoor cage with parrots.

bambinosi logo design - colorful parrot and green letters

logo design

clients wanted a simple, yet colorful logo that will be appealing to both parents and children.

bambinosi logo design variations - colorful parrot and green letters

logo design variations

bambinosi brand identity design - vehicle wrap with custom brand pattern and illustrations

vehicle wrap and facade signage

bambinosi brand identity design - mockup of a colorful business card design using the brand pattern design

business card design

bambinosi brand identity - icon set for a kindergarten using the brand mascot

iconography for the signage and website

the icons are developed from the brand character (mascot).

bambinosi wayfinding design - photos from the kindergarten, door with a sign and icons used as wayfinding on a wall

since the kindergarten is located on a large property, clients needed outdoor and indoor wayfinding and signage.

bambinosi website design home page demonstration

website homepage

main website characteristics:

  • a unique approach in showing the offer, amenities, facilities, and most importantly, values of the kindergarten.
  • Bambinosi wanted to be different from the local competitors, to be transparent and provide all the necessary information for parents upfront. it was decided that the homepage should contain all the information a parent would want to know before considering to schedule a visit. so the homepage was used as if it’s a single page website.
bambinosi website design project - three website pages

some of the website pages

main website goals were to:

  • use the design and messaging to strengthen the brand and it’s values.
  • encourage interested parties to contact and schedule a visit to the kindergarten.
bambinosi brand identity design - illustration of a classroom with yellow chairs and table

illustrations for the website infographic

based on actual kindergarten amenities.

brand identity for a kindergarten - photo of a branded entrance with large graphics and signage above the door.

bambinosi brand identity - parrot, the brand mascot waving