klima101 website redesign home page mockup for mac and phone


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Klima101 – Climate Change NGO


  • Logo
  • Iconography
  • Illustrations
  • Handbook Design
  • Website Design
  • UI/UX


  • creative direction & design – Sofija Marjanović
  • web development – Stefan Trbojević
klima101 logo design

logo design

klima101 visual identity design- three different sets of icons

some of the icons and illustrations

a few full pages from the klima101 website redesign project

some of the website pages

klima101 visual identity and website design - icon design for special posts

to mark the posts that are written by the internal authors, we have designed and added a badge that displays on the posts thumbnail

klima101 website redesign - a few sections of the single post page

some of the single post inline sections

klima101 website redesign - two different sections of the website pages

newsletter subscription sections

klima101 website design - comment section demonstration

comment section on single post pages

klima101 website design demonstration of a landing page

one of the landing pages

klima101 two infographic designs

infographic design

klima101 project website design - some of the website pages

other website pages

klima101 icon design happy planet