Ametid is a small design & branding studio based in Belgrade, founded and led by Sofija Marjanović.

The studio works with clients from all over the world and collaborates with multiple creative partners on a project-related basis.

What we create:

  • Logo Designs
  • Visual Identity Elements
  • Brand Identity
  • Websites
  • Print & Packaging

What we do:

We can help you define the brand identity of your business, project or event and bring it to life in many different forms such as visual identity, logo design, website and more.

How we do it:

First we specify the requirements of the project and the scope of work. Next, we develop possible strategic design directions for the project. Once on the right track, we refine the designs and deliver the finished products.

Who are our clients:

We have worked with clients from many industries, including: NGOs, financial and accounting firms, psychoanalytic organisations, fitness centres and others. The majority of our clients have been small businesses just starting out, but some have been around for more than a decade.