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Akawin AI


  • UI/UX
  • Design System
  • Product Design


  • Project owned by Concentrical, LLC.
  • Worked in a team of 2 UX designers.



Akawin AI combines artificial intelligence and evidence-based strategies to maximize your impact and outcomes. The platform streamlines routine tasks and facilitates personalized engagement.

Designed to offer personalized support while preserving the quality of the coaching experience. Built on our robust AI framework, our platform is engineered to seamlessly adapt, meeting the diverse needs of institutions and employers.

The copy above is taken from the Akawin AI website.


  • Tight deadline
  • Reusable components for MVP



Chat with AI is the core feature of the MVP product. AI can analyze the content of uploaded documents to understand their context, key points, and relevant information giving answers with references.

By extracting insights from the document, the AI can tailor its responses to address the specific questions or concerns raised by the user.

Each session is based on the document(s) with which the chat began. And each session has its own Notepad document. This allows the user to take notes without leaving the platform and to refer back to notes from each session.

Prompts and Personas

Both Prompts and Personas panels open as popups over the chat panel in order to simplify the development of the MVP product. They are also almost identical in UI and UX design.

The items displayed as lists are not just reused elements in these panels, but they also make up the majority of the UI for the MVP product’s Admin section and File Explorer page.

File Explorer

Users can explore all files posted to the platform and start new sessions using the File Explorer page. Files can be uploaded, created, and arranged into folders.


The modals all have fairly similar UI and UX design, following the same line of thought as in the previous sections.


Less is more

The design system was purposely kept simple, with as few variants as possible and a large number of reusable components.