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Asekvi – Sport Organisation


  • Logo
  • Messaging
  • Flyer & Poster
  • Patterns
  • Iconography
  • Infographic
  • Social Media Templates
  • Website Design
  • UI/UX


  • creative direction & design – Sofija Marjanović
  • web development – Stefan Trbojević
  • photography – Boško Bunuševac
asekvi logo design

logo design

the icon is constructed using the shapes of letters “A” and “S”, forming a letter “A”. The name of the organisation “Asekvi” is formed using the first name initials of both founders (“A” and “S”) and adding the beginning of the word “equilibrium”.

asekvi photography of a training space

the space was decorated using the brands colour palette

sport organisation icon set of a man exercising

iconography set – human body

asekvi - sport, medical and health icons set design

iconography set – values & process

sport organisation flyer design, two sides

promotional flyer

sport organisation brand design - instagram feed and profile

Instagram feed

asekvi sport organisation - social media templates design

brand patterns & promotional Instagram stories

asekvi photography of a training space

asekvi website design demonstration on mac

website homepage

target audience:

people who want to improve their health in a safe and natural way – through professionally developed and executed training programmes, accompanied with medical supervision. unfortunately, the vast majority of these people suffer or have suffered from various medical issues and were unable to find qualified experts who could help them fulfill their mission.

asekvi sport organisation - all full website pages

all website pages

main website goals were to:

  • differentiate from the competitors – Asekvi offers a mandatory medical check-up before developing a personal training programme, as well as medical supervision throughout the programme.
  • be transparent about their process, so that interested people can have a full understanding of their services.
  • make it clear that Asekvi offers a free consultation with both the MD and the personal trainer prior to committing and starting the programme.
  • encourage the interested people to contact and schedule a free consultation.
infographic for sport organisation website - representing the five aspects of a healthy life

infographic design

asekvi photography of a training space wide angle

asekvi sport organisation branding - logo icon on transparent background